Effectiveness of health technology electronic prescribing: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis Study

Saeed Eslami, Hamidreza Dehghan, Mahdieh Namayandeh, Arezo Dehghani, Saeed Hajian Dashtaki, Vahid Gholampour, Smanneh Ghasemian, Atefeh Zare, Masomeh Rahimi, Abbas Barzegar


INTRODUCTION: There is increasing evidence that electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) can improve the quality and safety of healthcare services. However, it has also become clear that this implementation is not straightforward and may create unintended or undesired consequences once in use. In this context, the systematic review can provide us with a general overview of the results of the studies and can help us find the truth. This review will aim to identify, appraise and synthesise clinical trial studies on ePrescribing in hospital settings.

METHODS AND ANALYSIS:  Data sources will include the following  databases: pubmed, scopus and cochrane library. In addition, other sources will be searched for ongoing studies (ClinicalTrials.gov) and grey literature. Studies will be independently screened for eligibility by 2 reviewers and data extraction is done by 2 people. Articles are evaluated on the basis of the quality criteria of JADAD. The data is analyzed by the STATA software.

DISSEMINATION: The results of the study will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented at relevant conferences. Policy makers and healthcare decision-makers can use these results.


electronic prescribing, safety, effectivnes, systematic review and meta-analysis

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