Applied Criteria of Hospital Information Systems in Organizational Evaluation: A Systematic Review Protocol


Hospital Information System
Systematic Hospital Information System
Systematic Review Protocol
Organizational Evaluation Protocol
OrgHanizational Evaluation

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Eslami, S., Dehghan, H., Namayandeh, M., Dehghani, A., Hajian Dashtaki, S., Gholampour, V., Zare, A., Rahimi, M., Barzegar, A., & Ghasemian, S. (2018). Applied Criteria of Hospital Information Systems in Organizational Evaluation: A Systematic Review Protocol. Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal, 3(2), 52-56.


Introduction: Through new and expanding technologies, the development of health information technology in today’s society is indisputable, and the use of this technology has led to the production of various products with a variety of capabilities. One of these products is the Hospital Information System. Regarding the impact of organizational factors on the successful implementation of hospital information systems and the lack of comprehensive criteria for assessing them, the purpose of this study was to determine the criteria of hospital information systems involved in organizational evaluation.

Methods: Data sources included the following databases: pubmed, scopus and cochrane library. In addition, other sources were searched for ongoing studies and grey literature. Studies were independently screened for eligibility by 2 reviewers and data extraction was done by 2 people. The language limitations for article wasn’t considered, the reference of the articles that selected, review and related articles were selected. After completing the search, all the articles were entered in to EndNote, and duplicates were deleted. The Prisma protocol was used to report.

Results and Dissemination: A specific and precise checklist was being prepared and developed, which is an appropriate guide to assess hospital information system from an organizational dimension in health technology assessment. The results of the study were published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented at relevant conferences. Policy makers and healthcare decision-makers can use these results.


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