A Curious Case of Pyomyositis


urinary tract infection
prostatic hypertrophy
pectineus muscle abscess
obturator externus muscle abscess

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Satiya, J., Mulee, J., Baldor, D., Yarsley, J., & Lichtstein, D. (2019). A Curious Case of Pyomyositis. Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.24200/imminv.v2i4.163


In the elderly, the risk of urinary tract infections is estimated at 8% per year in men. The incidence of UTIs increase in men over the age of 50.This is due to anatomic abnormalities such as prostatic hypertrophy, leading to urinary retention. Pyomyositis is a rare complication of optical urethrotomy, especially in patients who have received local radiation therapy in the past. No cases of a pectineus muscle abscess and only two cases of an obturator externus muscle abscess have been reported in the literature to date, with only one developing as a result of genitourinary intervention such as a urethrotomy. We present a case of a very unusual and serious complication in an elderly man presenting with urosepsis several months after undergoing instrumentation of the urinary tract.



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