Case Report
Published December 2, 2020
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ureteral complete avulsion
transureteral lithotripsy
auto transplant
ureteral stone

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Zomorrodi, A., Farshi, A., Amjadi, M., Kakaei, F., & Mohammadrahimi, M. (2020). Which one is prefer and safe in auto transplantation for Repairing of full length complete avulsed ureter, immediately or delayed?. Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal, 5(3).

Which one is prefer and safe in auto transplantation for Repairing of full length complete avulsed ureter, immediately or delayed?

Afshar Zomorrodi
Alireza Farshi
Mohson Amjadi
Farzad Kakaei
Mohsen Mohammadrahimi
Kidney Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran

Introduction: In modern medicine in the field of urology, sometimes some techniques result in awful complications such as ureter strictures and complete avulsion. Case presentation: In this case series, we report four cases including a male and 3 female patients (age range: 55-80 years) who developed complete ureters avulsion during transurethral lithotripsy. The main action that has been done was autotransplant. All four patients discharged in good condition six days after surgery. At the time of discharge, no one had severe complications. Conclusion: As observed, repairing complete ureter avulsion can be considered as a safe and suitable procedure after complete evaluation.


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