Letter to Editor
Published September 11, 2017
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Sharifian Dorche, M., Roozbeh, J., Nomovi, M., & Sharifian Dorche, A. (2017). Cerebral Oximetry: Is It A New Method For Detection of Tissue Perfusion After Transplantation?. Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal, 2(3), 71. https://doi.org/10.24200/imminv.v2i3.70

Cerebral Oximetry: Is It A New Method For Detection of Tissue Perfusion After Transplantation?

Maryam Sharifian Dorche
Jamshid Roozbeh
Masood Nomovi
Amirhosein Sharifian Dorche
This short letter to editor discuss about cerebral oximetery and its impact on tissue perfusion after transplantation.


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